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Guadeloupe is a welcoming and pleasant island to visit all year round since it enjoys a tropical climate . If you are only expecting coconut palms and fine sandy beaches, know that a trip to Guadeloupe has many surprises in store for you and will amaze you !

It’s the perfect destination to escape the gloom and get away from everyday life: discover all the good reasons to pack your bags for this island bathed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic.

  1. Welcome to Guadeloupe!

Once out of Pointe-à-Pitre airport , it’s a change of scenery! The language barrier less, since although being on the other side of the Atlantic, we speak French and Creole there .

You will be able to learn a few words of Creole to immerse yourself in the Caribbean culture and exchange with the locals, who speak it on a daily basis. You are now ready to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and the Caribbean atmosphere in Guadeloupe.

  1. A rich and multicultural heritage

Guadeloupe has no shortage of activities and cultural places that will captivate you throughout the year: historical remains, museums, crafts, Creole architecture, events, shows, sugar factories and distilleries , monuments such as Fort Napoleon in Les Saintes , or the Habitation Zévallos in Le Moule, unique for its architectural and historical value…

Caribbean culture is the result of a cultural mix that makes the population proud. Discovering it will be the icing on the cake of your trip to Guadeloupe .

Dancing biguine or zouk , vibrating to the rhythm of gwo ka drums classified as intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO … West Indies.

  1. Essential flavors of Caribbean gastronomy

Are you more sweet or savory ? You will not be disappointed by tasting the culinary specialties of Guadeloupe : they highlight the products of the land and the sea , embellished with spices . A real feast for the taste buds!

To savor absolutely: The famous fricassee of chatrou and the dombré shrimps if you are fond of seafood!

For the sweet touch, let yourself be tempted by a Tourment d’Amour or the comforting delight that is soft bread accompanied by Chodo . During your stay in Guadeloupe, you will stroll through the colorful markets where you can unearth your favorite spices and fresh products to simmer dishes with local flavors.

  1. One island can hide another!

Did you know that Guadeloupe is actually an archipelago made up of 5 islands ?

Very popular with tourists, Grande-Terre has all the advantages of a trendy destination : discotheques, casino, golf, waterfront accommodation, white sand beaches such as the beach of Grande Anse, Petit-Havre or the Datcha, where to sip a ti punch.

Do not miss the exceptional site of Pointe des Châteaux in the town of Saint-François.

The island of Basse-Terre , connected to Grande-Terre by a bridge, is volcanic and mountainous . You will appreciate the wide choice of hikes in wild settings and the most beautiful waterfalls of Guadeloupe in their green setting.

There is also plenty to do in Marie-Galante , La Désirade and Les Saintes, the outlying islands with their unique and picturesque charm , easily accessible by ferry .

A vacation in Guadeloupe offers the opportunity to combine several Caribbean islands in a single trip according to your budget, such as Guadeloupe/Martinique or Guadeloupe/Saint-Barthélémy for example.

  1. Activities adapted to its multiple landscapes

Nature lover ? The Guadeloupe National Park covers an area of ​​22,000 hectares and offers more than 300 km of hiking trails , enough to have fun!

The Cousteau Reserve is yours to observe sea turtles and Caribbean coins, the mangroves of the Grand-cul-de-sac-marin , the Soufrière volcano which guarantees a breathtaking view of the islands of Guadeloupe, not to mention the waterfalls with crystal clear, ideal for cooling off during hikes.

On the relaxation side , boat trips, scuba diving excursions , idleness and the best restaurants on the island await you.

The most curious will appreciate the cultural events that punctuate local life and visits to monuments, museums and distilleries, such as the Old Factory of Beauport , or the Habitation La Grivelière .

As you will have understood, you can go around Guadeloupe by discovering it in different ways . The variety of its landscapes and possible activities on site make it a complete destination . You will necessarily find your account there for a stay with family or friends , whether you are a fan of relaxation , nature outings , cultural visits or all at the same time. Guadeloupe is a destination of choice , impossible to get bored!

To move you on all these activities, Zotcar accompanies you and is present for your car rentals in Guadeloupe , whether at the airport or in the cities of Saint-François , Sainte-Anne , Le Gosier , Basse-Terre or at Lamentin .

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