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Despite our best efforts, picnics are sometimes a real hassle! To remedy this and become the picnic pro, take inspiration from the 10 golden rules proposed and successfully organize a chic and retro picnic!

Contrary to popular belief, preparing a picnic requires a minimum of organization. In addition to the fact that nothing should be left to chance and nothing should be forgotten so that everything is perfect, it is essential to choose foods that will withstand heat and the sun. In addition, there are tips to know so that this moment is a real moment of relaxation!

Rule #1: Check the weather

Always check the weather to prevent your picnic from going down the drain. It would be a shame to have to put everything away under the pretext of having chosen the wrong day…

Rule #2: Prevention is better than cure!

Lunch in the sun can lead to surprises. Sunburn , or rotting food  : to avoid all the minor inconveniences caused by the sun, bring a parasol or choose a shady spot. Your lunch will be even more enjoyable!

Rule n°3: Choose the right equipment

The key to a successful picnic is the choice of equipment! Easy to transport, practical and aesthetic, don’t hesitate to opt for real plates, real glasses and real cutlery! Success guaranteed!

Rule n°4: Opt for a retro picnic

For a chic picnic, choose porcelain tableware, goblets, wine glasses , cloth napkins, silver cutlery and an ultra-retro gingham cloth tablecloth!

Rule n°5: Be well settled

Provide a large plaid or a large tablecloth to be able to sit comfortably.   You will be more comfortable than in the grass.

Rule n°6: Equip yourself well

An element that you never think of taking on a picnic but that you always regret: the Swiss army knife! Compact, it can be very practical. Think about it!

Rule n°7: The choice of the menu

Exit the traditional sandwiches and crisps for your picnic. Not only are they not good for your figure, but they will also take away all the charm of your bucolic picnic So get your hands dirty and cook up some light and fresh little starters, ideal for a successful picnic !

Rule #8: Store food

To transport and store food and fresh produce, consider taking a cooler or an insulated bag. It’s the luxury of the picnic!

Rule #9: Think about activities

Delight young and old alike by bringing games to keep the whole family busy! Thus, balls, badminton rackets, Frisbee or petanque balls will be welcome!

Rule n°10: Protect your solar capital

The essentials  for a protected picnic: the straw hats and the tube of sunscreen will make the day truly perfect.

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