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When we think of Guadeloupe , “gentle life” and “hot sand” come directly to mind. But beyond these undeniable assets, Guadeloupe is an incredibly rich destination. Did you know that the Guadeloupe archipelago is made up of 5 islands? A multitude of possibilities for excursions, visits and discoveries are then available to you! Tropicalement Vôtre, as an expert and producer of tailor-made trips, offers you the opportunity to combine several of these islands in order to discover the essence of this magnificent destination.

Hiking in the heart of lush vegetation, canyoning, diving, water sports, botanical garden… There’s something for everyone! Guadeloupe’s nature is generous and its people are just as generous! Let yourself be transported by their vibrant culture and their typically Caribbean charm! As you will have understood, there are an infinite number of reasons to choose Guadeloupe as your next vacation destination , but Tropicalement Vôtre has selected 10 of them, just for you!

Going on a trip to Guadeloupe means having the chance to discover five islands with very distinct identities. Wild, mountainous and volcanic, Basse-Terre is the ideal place for hiking. Its neighbour, Grande-Terre , is the most touristic of the Guadeloupe islands with its heavenly landscapes, casinos and nightclubs. To treat yourself to a more original stay in Guadeloupe, head to the outlying islands of Les Saintes, La Désirade and Marie Galante , three authentic and peaceful islands, each offering a very special atmosphere. Tropicalement Vôtre also offers you to vary your discoveries thanks to its combined 4 islands of Guadeloupe .

Notice to nature lovers, holidays in Guadeloupe allow you to fully recharge your batteries to the rhythm of the sun, the vegetation and the local sweetness of life. From the steep coasts of the Pointe des Châteaux to the relief of Basse-Terre, passing through the wild nature of the Guadeloupe National Park, the diversity of the landscapes will allow you to vary the pleasures. In one and the same stay in Guadeloupe, you can relax on heavenly beaches, stroll through the heart of immense food crops or even swim in a translucent lagoon in a dream setting.

Reason #4: Creole culture

Traveling in Guadeloupe also means discovering the Creole culture and its many riches. It is impossible not to be charmed by the exotic and sun-drenched culture of the archipelago. From crafts to gastronomy, music and the festive spirit, the West Indian culture will largely contribute to making your vacation in Guadeloupe a memorable one. You will thus discover typical Creole specialties such as Mateté de crabe or Ti Punch and you will be charmed by the legendary smile of the locals.

Reason #5: idyllic beaches

Guadeloupe alone has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Each has its own specificities. From the beaches of Sainte-Anne to the beaches of La Désirade via Grande Anse and Saint-François , there is something for all tastes and desires. Guadeloupe has five very different islands that complement each other wonderfully in terms of beaches. Travelers will be able to choose to swim on deserted beaches, tourist beaches, wild beaches or even small hidden coves.

Reason n°6: an extremely rich heritage

Guadeloupe offers an almost infinite number of cultural activities. Through its museums, its parks, its houses, its carnival, its historical remains and its distilleries, travelers will be able to discover the extremely rich heritage of the archipelago. Throughout the year, the islands regularly organize cultural events that will spice up your stay in Guadeloupe. Whether through dance shows, tastings of local specialties or Creole music concerts, the events of the archipelago will allow you to discover the riches of Guadeloupe’s heritage.

Reason n°7: a lively and warm population

Contrary to the ideas received or conveyed a few years ago, Guadeloupeans are very warm and welcoming. Always smiling, they have a keen sense of hospitality and will do everything possible to make your trip to Guadeloupe an extremely rich human experience. Curious and generous, Guadeloupeans will share with you a few snippets of their culture and their way of life in order to offer you a total cultural change of scenery.

Reason n°8: a varied and charming hotel offer

No matter what type of accommodation you are looking for for your holidays in Guadeloupe, the archipelago is full of diverse and varied establishments. From the resort located on the edge of the lagoon to the lodge run by locals, passing through authentic addresses, small charming hotels and luxurious seaside villas, you will be spoiled for choice. Tropicalement Vôtre offers you to stay closer to nature at the Tendacayou ecolodge as well as by the sea at the La Toubana hotel . Some establishments, such as the La Créole Beach hotel , are specially geared towards activities to the delight of thrill seekers and families.

Reason n°9: the possibilities of handsets with other Caribbean islands

For a complete trip to the Caribbean, Tropicalement Vôtre suggests combining Guadeloupe with other islands. Indulge yourself by discovering our combined Guadeloupe / Martinique in small charming addresses, vary your experiences by opting for a combined Guadeloupe / Saint-Barth ! There are many possibilities for combined trips with Guadeloupe, an enriching and exotic experience that will allow you to discover two different Caribbean islands in a single trip.

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