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During the year, more and more of us go away for the weekend. The RTTs promote 3 or 4-day getaways in France and Europe and multiply the opportunities to get away from it all and forget the daily grind. These stays, of short duration, make time more precious so it is better to prepare them well…

Today, Opodo offers you some practical and essential tips for a successful weekend!

Going away for 3 or 4 days, the ideal formula for taking a break

Obviously, we avoid flying to Indonesia for such a short time and we aim instead for European destinations . The key is not to waste too much time in transport (no destination beyond four hours of flight) and not to suffer the inconvenience of jet lag.

Why leave on the weekend of July 14 or at Easter when you benefit from the ARTT? The “35-hour bridges” make it possible to travel at a different time during the low season – therefore cheaper – and to avoid the crowds. Asking one or two days of RTT also makes it possible to lengthen the distances: why not fly away four days under the Tunisian or Moroccan sun when autumn is pointing the tip of its nose in France? In December, before the end of year celebrations, why not go and admire the Christmas decorations in a Scandinavian capital?

Check the weather forecast before setting sail

It is essential to watch the weather a few days before leaving to plan the right clothes and accessories. It would indeed be a shame to load up with a down jacket if the weekend promises to be mild and sunny!

Find out about the destination

Remember to look at the map of the destination before leaving, and why not download a version accessible without Internet if you are traveling outside Europe. This allows you to locate your accommodation as well as the main sites to visit. And it also avoids wandering indefinitely around the same block of houses before finally falling on the famous museum that we were looking for! You can also get a destination guide or read blog posts (starting with ours

Choose a weekend formula adapted to your tastes and your budget

There are as many variations of weekends as there are travellers: with the family, with a baby or teenagers, as a couple, as a single person, with friends, to party, learn, rest… Better opt for a formula adapted to your desires and needs!

In Turkey for example: a group of 10 friends will rather choose a hotel-club formula with half board, with a discotheque and in a seaside resort, when a young couple will opt for a charming hotel in Istanbul with a view of the Bosphorus. The goal of the weekend is to wander as much as possible and enjoy the local nights? Opting for the “flight + hotel” formula is clever. If, on the other hand, you dream of a short “cool” stay, half board with dinner in the evening at the hotel is a good solution.

If you are planning a cultural weekend in Budapest, it is more practical – and more logical – to stay in the center rather than half an hour by public transport. Similarly, if you are counting on the idleness weekend, it is preferable that the hotel be located by the sea and not 12 km away. For those traveling with children, think about the reception conditions that will be reserved for them (sleeping, daycare, mini-clubs, etc.). A weekend is short, so if you can avoid ending up in a room with a view of the industrial area or above the highway, it’s better.

To help you better choose your hotel, Opodo has also developed heat maps allowing you to quickly identify the most interesting areas in the chosen destination according to 4 categories: sightseeing, gastronomy, shopping and life. nocturnal. You can easily book the hotel that best suits your needs!

Also change, if necessary, currencies before leaving. Not having to run into St. Petersburg airport at midnight to get some change in order to catch a taxi is less stressful. Finally, it can be wise if you need to slip a universal adapter into your suitcase to, for example, recharge the battery of your Smartphone or camera, use your hair dryer or your razor.

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